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Oriental Capital Assurance Berhad
(Now known as Tune Insurance Malaysia Berhad)




Updated on: 30 May 2015

Bangunan Tune Insurance
36, Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2070 2828 / 2070 8033
Fax: 03-2072 4150 / 2070 3657
Toll-Free No: 1-800-885-753


Oriental Capital Assurance Berhad has disposed to Tune Insurance Malaysia Berhad in May 2012.




How to make a claim?

If you are involved in a road accident, make notes of the accident including the names and addresses of all drivers and plate number of vehicle involved in the accident. Also note the make and model of each vehicle involved and insurance identification. Record the names and addresses of as many witnesses as possible.

When making your police report, provide the police with whatever information they require and obtain a copy of the report. Contact and inform your insurance agent or insurance company regarding the accident and seek advice on what forms or documents are required to support the claim.

Normally, the claim form is to be submitted with (i) the police report lodged by the driver, (ii) photocopy of the Identity Card, (iii) Driver's Licence (iv) Vehicle Registration Card and (v) Road Tax disc.

My vehicle was stolen. How do I make a theft claim?

a. Remain calm and ascertain whether your vehicle has actually been stolen. Eliminate the probability that that your vehicle has not been towed away or seized by the local authorities for errant parking/ traffic obstruction or repossessed by your hire purchase owner or finance company.
b. Immediately lodge a police report at the nearest police station with details such as date and time when your car was parked, date & time of loss being discovered, exact location of loss, vehicle's particulars (registration no., make & model, chassis & engine no (if available). It is best for you to bring along a copy of the vehicle's Registration Card for easy referencing and action by the police.
c. Collect the Claim form and notify your insurer or your servicing agent within 14 days.
d. Fill up the Claim form attached with the relevant documents to the insurer within 14 days.

How soon should you call your insurer?

Insurance companies expect you to do this as soon as possible. Any unreasonable delays may prejudice your case. The best advice would be that when in doubt, it is better to notify your insurer sooner rather than later.

If someone else is claiming against you for damage to their vehicle or for personal injury, it is very important to contact your insurance company immediately. You will be told what to do and it is very important to follow the instructions given.

What about repairs?

In a vehicle accident where your car is considerably damaged, the first step is to ascertain whether your policy covers damage to your vehicle. If yes, take your car to a PIAM-authorised repairer and inform your insurer immediately that you have done so. If your insurer recommends or requires that repairs be done at a specified workshop, then take your car there as advised. Any estimates should be sent to your insurer for checking purposes.

Alternatively, the insurer will send an insurance loss adjuster to assess the damage to your vehicle, after which the insurer will authorise repairs. The insurer will authorise repairs subject to a satisfactory claim form being submitted together with the relevant documents.

If you have an 'excess' on your policy, you must pay the amount of the "excess" direct to the repairer. The "excess" is that part of the claim that you have agreed will be borne by you. Check your insurance policy for this "excess" amount. The excess is payable irrespective of who is to blame.

If your policy does not cover damage to your car and you make a claim against a third party, you would need to notify the other driver in writing of your intention to claim from him and ask him to notify his insurers.

If possible, write to his insurers if you have details - quoting his policy or certificate of insurance number and send an estimate of damage as soon as possible.

The other driver should tell his own insurers of the accident as his insurers will only be able to deal with your claim if they have been asked to do so by their policyholder. Lastly, you should inform your own insurers that you are claiming against the third party.


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